“Buy Here Pay Here” motorcycle and bad credit motorcycle dealers are listed here to the right, by state.

How does buy here pay here motorcycle financing work?

Buy here pay here financing works by the dealer acting as the loan company, rather than a bank or credit union. The dealer holds the title to the motorcycle until all payments have been made, at which time the title is signed over to the buyer. Finding motorcycle financing on buy here pay here terms is less common than buy here pay here car dealers (which are everywhere).

Full coverage insurance is still required on the motorcycle, as is a valid registration and tag (which are in your name).

Down payments are normally required, and usually the amount of your down payment can determine the amount or price of the motorcycle that you can qualify to finance.

In addition to buy here pay here financing, many motorcycle dealerships that help with bad credit have sub prime lenders that have lower credit score requirements than most banks. This can be a better option because your timely payments will be reported to the credit bureaus (helping to increase your credit score), and you usually have the benefit of a lower interest rate, saving you money in finance charges over the course of your loan.

We’ve included many used motorcycle dealers in our lists that are divided by state. This is because the number of buy here pay here motorcycle dealers is limited, and many of these dealers can help to arrange bad credit financing for you through third party lenders that they can send your application through.

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